There is no doubt as to the benefits to those who become involved. Besides the obvious links to the dance and music curriculum, student participation brings increased physical activity, a surge in school spirit, team building, and an overall welcome resurgence in the arts.

Having students involved in the arts is important because it enhances many of the skills that we as a society deem valuable for success as an adult. It is well-documented that students involved in the arts learn better work habits, develop creative thinking processes, and improve their ability to communicate and collaborate with others. The arts allow critical thinking to take place and encourage building a safe place to take risks.

Participating in Show Choir Canada allows the learning to go one step further, to develop not only the performer, but also the whole person The teamwork inherent in pursuing success in competitive group singing does even more to build character: it teaches co-operation and provides an environment where concepts of fairness and integrity can be explored. The opportunity to teach empathy, kindness, and caring for other, win or lose, is guaranteed.

By representing their school and community, students can increase their self-confidence and acquire an understanding of responsibility not only for themselves, but for the whole. In short, it gets them participating in life and learning life lessons.

Of course, all this aside, show choirs are a blast! They provide a collaborative, creative outlet for students to express themselves. Students find enjoyment in them and gain personal satisfaction. By participating in their school show choir, student gain skills that can be applied in many other endeavors. If the choir competes, then students can also learn lessons of good sportsmanship and can gain pride in representing their school and community. All of these skills increase a student’s learning potential and prepare students for life, not just for a career in the arts.