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Catchy arrangements. Synchronized dance moves. Melodies and harmonies drilled to perfection. Maybe a mash up or two. This is the world of show choir today. A long-standing tradition in the U.S., show choirs are a growing phenomenon in Canada. And the country’s show choir world is rapidly expanding with the help of Show Choir Canada.

Show choir is where pop music and musical theatre fans dance (and sing) on common ground. Therefore, it is fitting that Show Choir Canada combines the talents of the professional arts industry with the expertise of arts educators. At the helm are representatives from the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, which trains Canada’s Triple Threat talent, and da Costa Talent Management, which represents some of Canada s leading actors, dancers, singers, and world-class choreographers.

“It’s tremendously encouraging to see how much national interest has increased since we first launched Show Choir Canada in 2011,” says Peter da Costa, Show Choir Canada co-founder and owner of da Costa Talent Management. “With over 550 students participating, and an expected 2,000 spectators in attendance for this year’s event, it’s clear that the Show Choir phenomenon and interest in the arts still continues to flourish in Canada.”

Performers have to work together to blend harmonies, not only in song but also in tightly choreographed movement. But more important than the performance is the process: the experience of participating in show choir raises self-confidence and encourages teamwork.

“The Nationals are a valuable character-building exercise, enabling students to develop further as artists and hone their skills,” says George Randolph, Show Choir Canada co-founder and president of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. “The participants have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the process, and gain an understanding that the work that goes into preparing for a performance is as important – and as fun – as the performance itself.”

High school sports teams meet for annual tournaments. Recreational dance studios vie for top prizes at competitions. Now it’s finally time for the choirs to shine.

The stage is set. The spotlight is on. The band is tuned. Let the glee begin.

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