judges & host

Finding Show Choir Canada’s Champion is an important task and should only be entrusted to the people who have proven themselves time and again in the arts industry.

2024 HOST



John Baker
Antony Bastianon
Gino Berti
Damon Brown
Jeri Brown
Louisa Burgess-Corbett
Mark Camilleri
Mark Cassius
Kevin Chase
Sean Cheesman
David Connolly
Christian Fletcher
Tracey Flye
Ann Cooper Gay
Kenneth Giles
Terry Hudson
Steve Lehmann
Robert Longo
Susan Moninger
Abbey O’Brien
Elaine Overholt
Tricia Penner
Judith Ranaletta
Ned Rosenblatt
Jacqueline Sadler
Linda Southard
Christopher Stephens
Lisa Stevens
Stacey Tiller
Debora Utley
Rachel Walker
Mike Weaver
Melissa Williams
Jeannie Wyse
Tara Young